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2Swift Boards

2Swift Mark II Pre-Order

2Swift Mark II Pre-Order

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Launch Details and Expected Ship Date

·         First 5 pre-orders will receive $150.00 off + free front and rear fenders

·         First 15 pre-orders will receive $150.00 off

·         Expected to ship early June 2024

·         Price after launch $1699.99

What is the 2Swift Board?

2Swift is an all-terrain 2-wheel electric board that takes a new approach to the personal E-mobility market. From dirt roads to paved streets you can shred the paths with ease. 24 mph top speed paired with 18-30 miles of range. The thrill of skateboard, snowboard, surfing, skiing, and motorcycle brought all into one!

Mark II

SOLD OUT the first batch of production Mark I boards. We have been listening to customer feedback and developing the Mark II board over the past year. The Mark II is a refresh of the Mark I board that has the following improvements:

·         Increased battery capacity – 18-30 miles of range. Go further, ride longer

·         33% increase in torque – better acceleration and hill climbing

·         33% increase in braking power – shorter stopping distances

·         Tubeless front and rear tires – more durable and easier to repair

·         Auto-off feature – board turns off automatically after a certain period of inactivity

·         Flipsky VX4 Remote – high resolution LCD display


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About The Board

The 2Swift is an all-terrain inline 2-wheel electric board that brings a new edge to the electric vehicle market. With a built in headset damper, there is no compromise in speed or stability. Giving you a top speed of 24 mph and a range of 18-30 miles you can expand your journey in an unparalleled experience


Battery: 12S3P configuration packing 648 Wh and 43.2 volts nominal.

Motor: 1500W peak power

Regenerative Braking: maintance free electronic braking converts kinetic energy back into electrical energy to increase range

Motor Controller: VESC based high quality motor controller

Charge Time: 225 mins on provided 4 amp, 120V charger

Low Speed Turning Radius: 6ft allowing you to maneuver tighter bends and curves

Hill Climb: 15% grade

Weight: 31lbs (14kg)

Dimensions: 49in x 8.5in x 12in (1245mm x 216mm x 305mm)

Deck Dimensions: 25in x 8.5in (635mm x 216mm)

Weight Limit: 230lbs

Water Resistance: Splash resistant. If you get caught in the rain, ride slowly home and you'll be fine. As always with high priced electronics, avoid water if you can.

Passenger Airline Compliant: Not compliant

Tires: 9.5 inch (241mm) pnuematic tubeless

Wheelbase: 37.2 inch (945mm)

Ground Clearance: 2.8 inch (71mm)

Hardware: Black zinc plated steel hardware. Designed for enhanced corrosion resistance, aesthetic appeal, and durability

Whats Included In The Box

1. 2Swift all terrain electric board

2. Wirless remote and charger

3. 4-Amp board charger

4. QR code for digital manual download