Stop Waiting, Start Shredding!

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  • Like Fresh Tracks on Pavement

    I’ve been snowboarding since the mid 80’s. I live 30 minutes from five world class mountains resorts. I’ve NEVER ridden a rig that carves like this outside of making fresh tracks on a foot of new powder! This ride is simply amazing!! Can it handle bumps? Yep, rolled over a 1” thick steel road patch plate. I saw it, I felt it, I was fine.

    -Eric Petersen

  • New Style = New Fun

    I have about 40 miles into this board (thousands and thousands under my belt) and this is the most unique ride I have had. Someone finally perfected the two wheeled board. Many people have tried and they weren’t enjoyable. This one is amazing. Onewheel meets Eskate, meets EUC, meets street bikes.

    -Josh Robinson

  • Surprisingly Easy To Ride!

    I started with the OneWheel then learned the electric unicycle but never owned a nice esk8 before. When a friend loan the 2Swift to me for a week, I fell in love with it and bought one myself. It looks intimidating to mount and ride but I quickly found it intuitive and not that scary at all. It's a different feel than my other PEV's.

    -Chad Limpanukorn

Stop Waiting, Start Shredding!

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  • 2Swift Shredding the LA Streets!

  • 2Swift Trail Riding!

  • 2Swift FPV at Electify Expo

Steering Damper

Built-in steering damper helps reduce caster flutter over rough terrain

Mountain Bike Grade Headset

Beefy, high quality steering bearings

Aerospace Grade Lightweight Tubing

Handcrafted, TIG welded, designed to be lightweight strong and stiff

9.5in Pneumatic Tires

Rounded profile lets you carve the streets like a pumpkin

Bash Plate

Extremely tough and durable providing minimal friction

Grip Tape

Ultragrip helps keep your feet glued to the board

High Performance Li-Ion Battery

12S3P battery build to provide up to 30 miles of range

Hub Motor

No chain, no belts, just maintenance free fun

Designed & Assembled in Cleveland, OH