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What is 2Swift?

2Swift is an all-terrain 2-wheel electric board that takes a new approach to the personal E-mobility market. Some people have described it as "an electric ripstick" other have called it a "motorcycle for your feet". We will let you decide!

It handles with scalpel like precision and lets you effortlessly carve up any terrain no matter the speed.

Conventional 4-wheel electric skateboards can sacrifice manuverabililty for speed. In order to reduce speed wobbles, the trucks must be tightened up. This therefore reduces manuverability.

The inline wheel design combined with the larger pneumatic wheels allows the 2Swift to handle like a motorcycle. The front wheel can be steered at low speeds to increase maneuverability. At high speeds, the board can be leaned like carving the edge on a snowboard.

2Swift brings a combination of snowboarding and motorcycling to your daily commute or any adventure!

Specs + Features

24 MPH Top Speed

Top end power that will put a smile on your face.

16-21 Mile Range

Enough juice for your urban commute or weekend joy ride.

Steering Geometry Designed For Stability

The negative rake of the steering axis keeps the front wheel inline with the board making it incredibly predictable at high speeds. Lean input through the deck helps steer the board at low speeds providing great manuveratility when compared to a conventional 4-wheel E-skate. A built-in steering damper helps to greatly reduce the chance of caster flutter. The 2Swift handles with scapel like precision!

9.5in Pneumatic Tires

Tackle rough terrain and roll over larger objects that ordinary electric skateboards simply can't.

Raw Industrial Design

Designed to take a beating. Built from premium aeropsace grade materials.

Steering Damper

Built-in steering damper helps reduce caster flutter over rough terrain

Mountain Bike Grade Headset

Beefy, high quality steering bearings

Aerospace Grade Lightweight Tubing

Handcrafted, TIG welded, designed to be lightweight strong and stiff

9.5in Pneumatic Tires

Rounded profile lets you carve the streets like a pumpkin

Bash Plate

Extremely tough and durable providing minimal friction

Grip Tape

Jessup Ultragrip helps keep your feet glued to the board

High Performance Li-Ion Battery

Molicel P42A cells provide up to 21 miles of range

Hub Motor

No chain, no belts, just maintenance free fun

Designed & Assembled in Cleveland, OH