What are the most important things to consider before riding a 2Swift?

1. Always wear a helmet and closed toed shoes when riding. Wrist, knee and elblow guards are recommended as well.

2. Never ride down a hill on a fully charged battery. This may damage the battery.

What shoes are best for riding 2Swift?

We recommend firm skate shoes with flat bottoms and good protection. Avoid open toe shoes and cushioned foam shoes as these will make the board less predictable/responsive.

Where can I buy a 2Swift Board?

2Swift boards are sold through our website and at select stores. To see if a store near you has a 2Swift available, check out our Demo Rides tab!

Is the 2Swift difficult to ride?

Nope! Anybody can ride a 2Swift. We have found that with a shoulder to lean on, anyone can learn to ride in under 30 minutes. Experince with other board sports definelty makes it easier!

How do I clean my board?

We recommend using a damp cloth to clean the metal parts of the board. A grip tape eraser can be used to clean the grip tape. Armor All helps to bring back the shine of the plastic skid plate and bumper. A fresh new deck can help bring your board back to life!

What comes in the box?

The box comes with the 2Swift board, board charger, remote, remote charger, and digital copy of the manual. We recommend fully charging your board + remote upon delivery. No assembly required.

Do I need to charge my 2Swift after it comes out of the box?

Yes this is recommended. Charging the battery fully balances the Li-Ion cells helping to prolong battery life.

Do I need to charge my remote after it comes out of the box?

Yes, we recommend doing so.

What is the minimum age to ride?

We recommend ages 16 and up. This is not a toy. It is capable of high speeds and needs to be ridden with caution. Always ride within your limits.

What is the weight limit of the 2Swift board?

230 pounds (104 kg). Heavier riders may experience decreased range, hill climbing ability, and braking ability.

Can it go up hills?

Of course! In fact, it absolutely shreds on hills! From a standstill, the average rider can climb up a 15%

Can it go down hills?

These boards can handle going downhill within a limitation. When going downhill,
again DO NOT ride downhill with a fully charged battery as this can damage the battery. The braking power will vary depending on rider weight and
the steepness of the hill. On steeper hills the board may not come to a
complete halt and will move at a crawling speed. Take caution when riding downhill
and ride within your comfort limits.

What is regenerative braking?

Regenerative braking is a technology that utilizes an electric motor as a generator. The kinetic energy of the rider and board moving at speed, can be transformed into electrical energy to charge the battery and slow down the board. This can help to increase range and improve overall efficiency.

Is the 2Swift board safe?

Yes, 2Swift is safe to ride and many people enjoy riding 2Swift safely everyday. Like any boardsport, there are inherent risks to riding, but if you learn the basics, stay within your limits, and take time to practice you can enjoy 2Swift’s amazing riding experience with confidence every time you step on your board. 2Swift doesn’t have to be an adrenaline sport, in fact, it’s probably the easiest boardsport in the world. With the large pneumatic tires, 2Swift can ride over bumps and cracks in pavement easily. It’s important for riders to always wear a helmet while riding and respect the board's limits.

How do I turn off the remote?

Hold the "Power On" and the "Exit" button

How do I change the mode on my board?

Tap the power button. There is 3 different modes. The onscreen display will show a L/M/H for Low, Medium and High. Simply press on the power button to toggle between the different modes. We recommend starting in low mode for your first ride to get a feeling for the board.

How do I ride the 2Swift board?

To start, read our manual and/or watch our series of instructional videos that explain how to ride the board. For first time riders we recommend that someone help you balance on the board, and then you gently apply throttle until you gain confidence. We also recommend starting with your front foot on the board and giving the board a push to get it started. A natural tendency for first time riders is to start with your back foot, however this may prove to be quite difficult.

How do I balance on the board?

For beginners it is often easiest to have a shoulder or wall to lean on. Balance at low speed is difficult, just like a bicycle. So its important to give the board a bit of throttle (about 5mph) before you’ll feel really solid. Hands down the best thing you can do to improve your balance on the board is to practice, just like learning to ride a bicycle!

How long will it take me to learn how to ride a 2Swift Board?

About 30 minutes for the average person. Although this will vary from person to person. For example, an individual with tons of e-skating and surfing experience will probably pick it up much faster than someone with no prior experience. But with time and practice, we are confident that everyone is capable of riding a 2Swift board.

What happens if I go down a hill with a full battery?

DO NOT go down a hill with a fully charged battery!! This will damage the battery and there is a possiblity of brake failure. Why? The board uses regenerative braking, which essentially is the same as charging the battery only at a higher amperage for a shorter period of time. If the battery is fully charged and the brakes are applied, you are trying to charge an already charged battery. This is not good for your battery health. Please avoid this at all cost. We recommend discharging the board to 95% state of charge before doing any hill decents.

Is the 2Swift waterproof?

No. However, it is splash resistant! If you get caught in the rain, ride slowly home and you'll be fine. As always with high priced electronics, avoid water if you can. We recommend drying your board completely before charging to avoid damage.

What terrain can I ride my 2Swift on?

The 2Swift board is designed to shred both on and off road from smooth pavement, to hard packed dirt trails. We do not recommend riding in sand or snow.

What is the recommended tire pressure?

We recommend 35-40psi. Low tire pressure will decrease range and performance.